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Hotel Gotisches Haus our history

The house was built in the 13th century and served the nearby Franciscan monks as a bread house.

In the cellar they stored the wine. The renovations of the hotel preserved the costly treasures and all that makes it a protected monument.

Patrizierhaus in der Herrngasse 13
Das Gotische Haus im Sommer

Anekdote: Einreiten Kaiser Friderichs der 3. vom Jahre 1474

In 1474 Emperor Friedrich and four advisors visited Rothenburg and stayed in two adjoining buildings on Herrngasse, numbers 15 and 13. The houses were located near the Franciscan monastery and the medieval cattle market. Number 13, today’s Hotel Gotisches Haus was then known as the Thomas Mayrin Haus.

This event is recorded on the bronze plate found today on house number 15. Subsequently, the son of the Roman Emperor, Crown Prince Maximilius of Austria (pictured above) later to become emperor lived in the houses together with his staff and servants.